At Cardena we offer a full suite of services to help our clients achieve their personal and financial aspirations and to help them stay on top of their financial affairs. Our advisers have specialist knowledge across investments in both traditional and non-traditional asset classes and experience in delivering you a diverse range of wealth management services. Where we don’t have the specialised knowledge ourselves, we work with a network of strategic partners and specialists to ensure you can access a holistic wealth management solution.

At Cardena our advisers bring a multitude of skills from their professional backgrounds in accounting, law and wealth management. We’re also committed to working together with your tax adviser or estate planning lawyer to ensure you receive a holistic wealth management solution. 

Once we’ve developed your wealth management strategy, we offer ongoing personal advice and regular strategy reviews to ensure you remain motivated, goal-oriented and on top of your affairs. We also regularly share market insights and offer you access to professional wealth management resources to ensure you can be involved and in control of your wealth management strategy.

We will help you understand and compare the strengths and weaknesses of the different types of super funds - retail super, industry super, and self-managed super funds - and rationally assess which option best suits your investment objectives.

Our system can take care of all of the SMSF administration, processing and year-end tasks including minutes, annual accounts, annual audit, tax preparation and lodgement. All transactions are processed daily via digital data feeds and sophisticated matching and coding, and you’ll have the ability to conduct real-time year-end tax and superannuation planning.

Our view is that while borrowing to invest can accelerate investment returns, it also increases the overall risk of an investment strategy. We focus on managing risk by imposing strict gearing limits, and ensuring adequate cash reserves and surplus income.

There are significant financial, taxation and legal factors which can't be overlooked and require planning, ideally before you depart Australia. Cardena offer a financial advisory service to expatriates leaving Australia to reside abroad and we partner with specialists overseas to help you gain a better understanding of the cross border issues between the country you're relocating to, and Australia. By working with specialists from other regions, we can help you to consider the ideal outcomes and manage your assets in both countries, in a tax efficient way.

At Cardena we work with specialist estate planning lawyers who are skilled in preparing wills for both large and small estates. We can make sure that your estate plan leaves nothing to chance and protects your family from needless financial or legal problems. 

We understand that estate planning isn’t just about assets and financial matters, which is why we also pay close attention to areas such as the guardianship of your children and ensuring an enduring power of attorney is in place.

At Cardena we have a four-step approach to help you to develop and implement an aged care plan that takes into account your individual family circumstances. We’ll also help you align an aged care plan with broader estate planning issues such as succession, bequests, real estate issues and other consequences; and help align the plan with the expectations and needs of all the relevant generations of your family.

In recognition of this need, Cardena has partnered with organisations specialising in the philanthropic sector and can offer clients access to the following services:

  • The establishment and ongoing administration of private ancillary funds for individuals and families;
  • Access to public ancillary funds, and assistance to groups wishing to set up their own public ancillary fund; and
  • Assistance for individuals and foundations to plan their grant making, so they can support the community more effectively.


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