Utilising Managed Accounts to build more efficient portfolios

Over recent years, Managed Accounts have become far more popular and accessible due to improvements in technology.

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Dealing with the Financial Challenges upon Separation or Divorce

The end of a relationship can be an emotional and traumatic time. You may feel anxious or overwhelmed about such…

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Economic Snapshot October 2019

Welcome to our Cardena Economic Snapshot for October 2019.  This is a monthly publication which shares our insights and commentary on key economic and market developments.

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Cardena Investment Update September 2019

Cardena Director Tom McDonald shares his insights on key investment and market factors during the quarter ending September 2019

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A contested estate – not something you want to leave your family

Families come in all shapes and sizes and it’s import to understand aggrieved loved ones may contest your will

18 March 2019

Thanks to our legal firm partner, Hall & Wilcox, for providing this content.

We are often asked the question ‘how much should I leave for my children’, especially when children are not being treated equally or a child is estranged. Unfortunately, there is no magic answer. If the child is an eligible applicant under the applicable State or Territory legislation for estate claims, the individual should try and make adequate and proper provision for that child even if they do this reluctantly.

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The beauty of compound interest

Time in investment markets matters, especially when you reinvest interest

12 April 2019

Interest on a loan or that you receive on a deposit can be calculated in two ways: by simple interest or compound interest. How interest is calculated matters over time and that’s why financial advisers recommend paying down debt as quickly as possible and adding regularly to investments, especially very long-term investments like superannuation.

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Budgeting to achieve your goals

Be more financially independent

Tips to get younger people saving money

18 March 2019

This is the first note in a series designed for you to share with your children. At Cardena, we’re thinking about your extended family and ways that we can help them build a strong financial future – by starting now.

The word ‘budget’ invokes fear in many that treasure ritual pleasures such as a daily cup or two of barista coffee or Sunday morning brunch. A friend recently confided she spent $1,600 last year on coffees. This might surprise you, but it only takes a couple of bought coffees a day to reach and exceed that number.  Small daily amounts can add up!

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How will Labor’s proposed changes impact you?

Capital gains tax, changes to trusts

28 February 2019

Australia’s superannuation nest egg is estimated at more than $2.7 trillion and is attracting attention all over the world but not all of it is positive. Domestically, both sides of politics have altered superannuation and investment rules in the name of fairness but in the process changed the landscape for investors, forcing them to reconsider their choices. Never has there been a more important time to seek financial advice and be confident in your investments to sustain your financial future.

Last year the Labor party signaled that they will reform a number of measures should they win the next general election expected in May.

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